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Next to the bar there is the threshing floor, where once, under the scorching sun of July, a tiring work took place. But at the same time it was an opportunity for a feast: the threshing and the harvesting. Sheaves of wheat were ready to be worked in a joyful atmosphere; they were the fruits of hard labours for a year. The same round, open space has been readapted and shaded for the new requirements. Today it is the terrace on the sea of our bar. Placed at a few metres from the water’s edge, it enjoys the spectacular and evocative gulf’s landscape. The changes, happened in the times, haven’t altered the prerogative of the threshing floor as a joyful meeting-place after a hard year of work. The pleasant afternoon “west wind” that, at one time, separated the grain from the straw, makes amusing to stay at tables while tasting our simple and appreciated cold dishes. We re-propose old dishes; some of them find evidences in the south of Italy, among the “tarallari”. We have historical references dating back to the 1300 that describe, above all among the less haves, the use of simple nourishment: the “fresella”. It is re-proposed by us in its humble shape, dampened and flavoured with a pinch of salt, extra virgin olive-oil, tomato and basil. That doesn’t seem true but it is the most popular dish. Then, if we add a salted anchovy or some mozzarella, we also give the necessary proteinic contribution. The “caprese”, the symbol-dish of the summer, typical of the Mediterranean tradition, can’t miss in our proposals. We also match and recommend dishes with a basis of vegetables and in season, local fruit. We welcome our customers with the same hospitality, simplicity and humility which our ancestors have handed to us.